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Criar novas oportunidades de negócios e aumentar a fidelidade e a satisfação de seus clientes com nossa solução de gerenciamento das relações com os clientes.

Você receberá mais de seus clientes e prospects através do conhecimento de suas necessidades. Este conhecimento é alcançado através do sistema CRM (Gestão das relações com os clientes). O uso deste sistema facilita a aquisição e retenção dos clientes, o aumento das vendas, a redução do consumo e identificação de novas oportunidades de negócios.


  • Support the following requests: information, service, charges, account, warranty.
  • All Quotes can be converted into document
  • Generate confirmation e-mails which can be sent manually or automatic with tracking number
  • All requests can be associate to a single specific user in the system
  • All application can be performed based on account status (last sales date, sales volume, payments)
  • Managed all marketing campaigns
  • Supports customer retention via e-mails and requests, allow your sales team to monitor activity related to single one.
  • Criteria to follow you customer can be base on last sales, sales volume, products purchased, etc)
  • To attract new customer, it is possible to import addresses of potential customer and send e-mails and create requests to your sales team for tracking
  • Each marketing campaign can be measured individually by volume or profit


  • Revenue generation and reports based on margins for specific or group of customers in specific graphics
  • Self-service online search
  • Activate all business partners so they can see their own information and account statements to facilitate payment of pending invoices.