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Emily possui ferramentas e serviços que estão integrados a Web 2.0, serviços como Facebook, Google, Wiki, WordPress e Adobe Flex (outras redes sociais estão em desenvolvimento)

Emily permite que as empresas implementem a próxima geração de conteúdos para aplicações na internet permitido uma mistura entre o que esta presente internamente e o conteúdo apresentado externamente e desta forma aproximando os conteúdos das Redes Sociais as funcionalidades internas da empresa e seus colaboradores. E ainda podem manter controle de seus conteúdos através de protocolos de segurança.


  • People - understanding preferences from communication and relationships vs. data and objects.
  • Collaboration - Sharing of ideas and contribution of knowledge in a creative environment vs. workflow and control.
  • Content-as-a-service - Content accessible everywhere, shared drive, repository, Facebook with automatic and appropriate storage, management, security, auditing and retention vs. a content suite and user driven storage.
  • Context of Networks - Activity driven context based on content, projects and team vs. Person only.
  • Infinite Possibilities


  • People-Centric Tools - Tech-populism bringing the tools we know and love at home into The office vs. 1990.s interfaces and systems.


  • Social Collaboration - Knowledge Spaces, Calendars, Discussions, Wikis, Presence (Skype and Yahoo), Social Tagging, and richer Social Networking information for users
  • Integrating the Outside-In - Out-of-the-box integration of best of breed open source Web 2.0 tools and services - Facebook, iGoogle, Media Wiki, Word Press, Type Pad, RSS Readers & Email.
  • Integrating the Inside-Out - Out-of-the-box content publishing to multiple channels – Web Sites, Face book, Word Press & Type Pad.
  • Rich Mash Up Architecture - Creation of new Rich Internet Application (RIA) mash up applications through Adobe® Flex. SDK, integrating front with simple, lightweight scripting APIs.
  • Choice - Choice of operating system, database, application server, portal, content creation tools collaboration & social networking tools.